Gut Guardian

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Gut Guardian key benefits for your dogs

  • Sooth Sensitive Tummies
  • Reduce Bad Breath & Gas
  • Aid Anal Gland Health
  • Nourish Gut Bacteria
  • Support Ear Health
  • Support Gut & Immunity
  • Suitable After Parasitic Infection

Description & Ingredients


Protect your dog’s digestive system with this one of a kind, herbal ‘barrier mucosal’ support.


Per Capsule:

Licorice (Deglycerized) 4:1 Extract 250mg (62.5mg)
Slippery Elm Powder 250mg
Marshmallow Root 4:1 Extract 120mg (30mg)
Organic Chamomile 25mg
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 7.5mcg.
Proprietary blend of spore probiotic strains (3 billion per capsule):
Bacillus coagulans 10mg
Bacillus subtilis 10mg
Enterococcus faecium 1mg

*Deglycerized Licorice may soothe the digestive mucosa and ease digestive discomfort.
*Slippery elm may soothe the digestive mucosa and ease digestive discomfort.
*Marshmallow root 4:1 extract may soothe the digestive mucosa and ease digestive discomfort.
*Organic chamomile may help to support uncomfortable digestive episodes such as gas and pain.
*Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) a vitamin that is reliant on good gut bacteria to aid absorption. B12 is a common deficiency found in dogs with digestive issues.
*Proprietary blend of spore probiotic strains to top up or replenish the good bacteria within the digestive system.


If your dog has an extremely sensitive gut, it may be advisable to open the capsule and add a small pinch to breakfast for a few days and increase over a week or more. Once this is tolerated, we suggest following the instruction on the bottle.

Give 30 minutes before food, wedged in a little treat or food. If more than 1 capsule is given, split between meal times. If capsule will not be taken outside of dinner time, open and sprinkle onto food. Can be taken for up to 6 months or longer and replaced with Gut Replenish.

Directions per day:
Toy Dogs (0-4kg) – ½ capsule
Small Cats and Dogs (5 – 12kg) – 1 capsule
Medium Dogs (13 – 25kg) – 2 capsules
Large Dogs (26 – 40kg) – 3 capsules
Xtra Large Dogs (Over 40kg) – 4 capsules
It may be advisable to give away from medications as it contains mucilage herbs,
that may disrupt absorption rates.

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