Personalised nutrition for a healthier pet.

With over 70 years of experience in the pet health and nutrition industry, our team provides the most up to date, innovative products and services for your cat and dog: Personalised therapeutic consultations, bespoke eating plans, raw and cooked healthy recipes, problem specific recipes, ultimate guides and supplementation. Take the quiz to understand how we can help you better.

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We provide support for the most common health concerns.

Here at My Pet Nutritionist, we offer support to many different concerns and disease. We often speak about the top 10 issues but this is not exhaustive.

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Wholesome and nutritious cooked recipes, for healthy adult cats and dogs only. Balanced to FEDIAF guidelines, whole foods only and easy to prepare.

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Wholesome and nutritious cooked recipes for common and specific issues and disease. Adult only dogs, FEDIAF guidelines, vet approved and easy to prepare.

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Our comprehensive ultimate guides offer a balanced approach with how to steps, common questions and more technical concerns covered.

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Supplements from My Pet Nutritionist

Our specially formulated supplements are a great addition to help maintain your pet’s digestive health alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

On Demand Webinars

Our online webinar series provides in-depth knowledge to help support
your pets health, covering common issues and specialist topics.