We believe diet and nutrition has the power to transform the health of cats and dogs. In fact, we’ve helped it change the lives of thousands of beloved pets. We’re a team of qualified pet professionals, passionate about the health and welfare of all animals, who want to bridge the gap between veterinary care and feeding at home.

We offer a complementary approach to nutrition, happily working alongside veterinarians whenever necessary, to help change furry lives.

Our Services

We offer online consultations around the globe to clients who want to support their pet’s health through nutrition.

To cement these services, we also offer homemade recipes for those who can’t or don’t wish to use our consultation services.

Why we do it

When we started out many years ago, we saw the transformation of many pets once the diet had been changed. We do however feel our approach is not alternative but complementary to veterinary care and we often work with vets to support our clients.

We want to bridge the gap between veterinary care and feeding at home, changing one furry life at a time, because we care so deeply.

Meet the team

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Alison Daniel

Our Co-Founder Alison, has specialised in canine and feline nutrition for over 15 years, helping owners and their pets a...

Katie McCaul

Katie’s Career began as a veterinary nurse which gave her invaluable experience including running clinics, dealing wit...

Dr Dorien F Nel

Dorien qualified as a veterinary surgeon in the Netherlands in 2003. After this she worked in Southern Africa for a year...

Bethany Calhoum

Bethany (or Beth for short) is a self confessed nutrition nerd, writer and huge animal advocate. Her journey started dur...

Karla Pearson

Karla has helped 1000’s of dog’s transition from an ultra-processed diet to healthier, fresh feeding options. There ...

Tami McFadden

Working with and living with cats and dogs for over 3 decades, Tami has gained different experience along the way. When...

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