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Our comprehensive, one of a kind guides, offer a balanced approach to particular
topics, how-to-steps for common questions, complete recipes and more.

The Ultimate Raw Feeding Guide For Dogs

The Ultimate Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs is the simplest, step by step guide for any beginner’s or seasoned raw feeder.

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Puppy

The Ultimate Puppy Guide covers every aspect of health and feeding, including cooked balanced recipes and lifestyle choices.

The Ultimate Raw Feeding Guide

The ultimate raw feeding guide is the simplest step-by-step guide for any beginner entering into this new and wonderful world of raw feeding. This guide offers a balanced approach with how-to steps, common questions and concerns covered.


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This beautiful and one of a kind proprietary blend offers probiotics and spore probiotics that may support the ecology of the gut. Psyllium husk has been used as a prebiotic can as other prebiotic fibres may elicit lactic acid production, gas and bloating.