We offer healthy adult cooked homemade recipes for cats and dogs, upon approval* we offer problem specific cooked recipes for most of your pets health concerns. There are ultimate guides on raw feeding, including balanced recipes and a one of a kind puppy guide with balanced cooked and raw food recipes.

Our supplement range, is as innovative as effective and growing so watch this space.

Healthy Pet Recipes
Wholesome and nutritious cooked and balanced recipes, formulated to FEDIAF guidelines. These recipes are for healthy adult cats and dogs only.
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Problem Specific Recipes
Problem specific recipes such as low fat, novel protein, lower phosphate, lower purine, lower cystine, lower oxalate and lower copper, for dogs only.
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Ultimate Guides
Our comprehensive ultimate guides offer a balanced approach with how to steps, common questions and more technical concerns covered.
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Our specially formulated supplements are a great addition to help maintain your pet’s digestive health alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
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On Demand Webinars

Our online webinar series provides in-depth knowledge to help support
your pets health, covering common issues and specialist topics.