Low Fat Fish

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A wholefood balanced recipe with moderated fat content to reduce calories, suitable for those dogs with health issues requiring a reduced fat diet such as digestive, joint, and immunity. This Low Fat Fish recipe is slightly higher fat at 18% dry matter but still may be suitable for those requiring a lower fat diet such as pancreatic and liver issues. Fish can also be suitable for digestive issues, as it is easily broken down and assimilated.

May be Suitable for:
Lower Fat Diet (may be suitable in pancreatitis and liver although 18% DM fat)
Struvite Diet

Not suitable for liver shunts


White fish mixed species, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, NOW calcium carbonate, organic hempseed oil, zinc 15mg/copper 2mg capsule, NOW organic kelp.


Please be careful if your dog has food sensitivities.

Always introduce a new diet slowly to ensure tolerance.

If blood tests showed high clinical readings, we recommend testing levels with your vet, 4-6 weeks after starting the diet.

Not suitable for liver shunts.

Excessive long-term use of white fish would be advised against due to possible heavy metals found in fish and a high vitamin D content. We have a selection of other low fat recipes.

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