Low Fat Venison

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Description & Ingredients


A wholefood balanced recipe with moderated fat content to reduce calories, suitable for those dogs with health issues requiring a reduced fat diet such as digestive, liver, and pancreatic issues. Venison is regarded as a novel protein/exotic and perhaps a protein that the immune system may not have previously seen. Therefore kangaroo may be helpful when there are digestive issues or itching due to food sensitivities.

May be Suitable for:
Liver (not shunts or copper toxicity)
Struvite Diet


Deer/Venison, venison liver, sweet potato, greens beans, kale, organic hempseed oil, Now calcium carbonate, Mercola Pets B Complex, Now organic kelp.


Please be careful if your dog has food sensitivities.

Always introduce a new diet slowly to ensure tolerance.

If blood tests showed high clinical readings, we recommend testing levels with your vet, 4-6 weeks after starting the diet.

Not suitable for liver shunts.

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