Lower Oxalate

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Description & Ingredients


A wholefood balanced recipe made of low oxalate ingredients to minimize the build-up in the bladder and helping to reduce the re-occurrence of oxalate crystals in conjunction with close monitoring and a high moisture content. This recipe may be suitable for those dogs requiring a lower oxalate diet.

May be Suitable for:
Low Oxalate Diet


Beef tripe, gluten free oats, chicken, cabbage, kale, organic coconut oil, beef liver, NOW bone meal, wheatgrass organic, MERCOLA salmon oil, NOW organic kelp.


Do not feed if your dog has chicken or oat sensitivities. Ensure oats are organic and gluten free.

Always introduce a new diet slowly to ensure tolerance.

We recommend testing urine with your vet on a regular basis after starting the diet.

We suggest using PH urine testing sticks and checking urine on a daily basis.

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