Low Phosphorus Beef

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Description & Ingredients


A wholefood balanced recipe with moderated phosphorus to provide a balanced recipe for those dogs requiring reduced phosphorus levels. Renal disease can result in retained phosphorus in the blood stream. This recipe contains ingredients such as minced beef, containing reduced phosphorus, while proving other key features to support the kidney.

May be Suitable for:
Kidney Disease (Early stage)


Beef ground 15% fat, beef tripe, red cabbage, kale, beef liver, beef kidneys, egg shell powder, salmon oil (capsules), blueberries, wheatgrass organic, Methyl-Guard Thorne, Now organic kelp powder.


Please be careful if your dog has food sensitivities, as beef can be a common culprit.

Always introduce a new diet slowly to ensure tolerance.

If blood tests showed high clinical readings, we recommend testing levels with your vet, 4-6 weeks after starting the diet.

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